LTG Lofts to Go realises the production, distribution and international marketing of the coodos.

LTG Lofts to Go was founded in October 2012 by Mark Dare Schmiedel in Berlin. With his team, he realises the production, distribution and international marketing of the coodos now from Tallinn and Hamburg. These can be purchased via licensees, but also in shares via blockchain/tokens. This makes real estate ownership possible even without large amounts of equity.

The coodo vision is bigger than a house; it is more than bringing a mobile, modular, award-winning design to market. The vision is no less than creating social, ecological and economic universes on earth – so that the future can begin right now. The focus is on people and nature. Their needs for peace and quiet, for comfort and for an individual lifestyle, as well as the respectful use of natural resources. coodo makes this possible because coodos do not seal any surfaces and are produced in a certified sustainable manner from the renewable building material wood.

Butter by the fishes: coodo is available in different versions, the so-called planets “sun”, “moon”, “earth”. Other models are “cubee” and “tredee”. Each “coodo planet” can grow by adding modules, each planet can be moved – by crane, by helicopter, by truck. It can stand on roofs, in your own garden, in the city or in the middle of beautiful nature. coodos are as flexible and mobile as their owners and they join in all the fun – whether they are used for living, holidays, as an office, as a show coodo or as a pop-up store.

With LTG Lofts to go, everyone gets the planet they want and can become a hotelier themselves. Successful space-sharing providers have done it before, coodo has gold-plated the idea and is now shaking up the tourism industry: If the coodo is not used itself, it can be rented out as part of a coodo universe, worldwide. Utilisation instead of vacancy.

          From September 2025 onwards we will also deliver four advantage software types which will empower especially young people to rent out coodos and cubees and earn money. This new company is open world residences ag in zug Switzerland. The tokenization will take place with owr invest in Portugal.

And so the circle closes, which is an eternal line without beginning and without end. coodo thinks the future round – with a triple, astonished, happy O.


IDA Design Awards Gold Winner 2019

America Architecture Prize Winner 2017

Architizer A+ Special Mention Award 2014

LTG was selected by the auditing agency pwc in the Smart Living / Smart Construction category within the Business Innovation Observatory;

German Dream House Award 2014 – nominated for the category Bungalo