A coodo resort, we call it universe, can consist of one (1!)  or 100+ coodos. It can be used privately or rented out via our booking platform. In this way everyone can become a hotelier and earn profitable returns.

models: coodo, cubee,

The superbrand of LTG is the coodo with its unmistakable round form. It is available in wood (sun, earth) and in white (moon). But LTG can also do square and 3D, because modular construction opens up great possibilities for forward-looking design.


The essence of life – coodo wants to be nothing less



LTG Lofts to Go was founded in October 2012 by Mark Dare Schmiedel. With his team, he initiated the production, distribution and international marketing of the coodos from Tallinn and Hamburg. These can also be purchased on a percentage basis via blockchain/tokens. This makes real estate ownership possible even without equity capital.



coodo puts your product in the right light, because it is completely glazed at the front and back. Currently, the show/event coodo is available in the moon version in the sizes 32 sqm, 64 sqm, 96 sqm. Special sizes on request.