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The answer to the challenges of current and future living environments: mobile, modular, qualitative, sustainable, multifunctional, individual …

Recognizable and unique with its typical rounded corners, coodo is an instant building solution developed, standardized, certified and mass-produced in Germany, Denmark, Dubai, USA and Estonia: mobile, modular, qualitative, sustainable, multifunctional and individually tailored to the needs of people who can set up their coodo on their own property or in neighborhoods with other coodos in a coodo universe – as a resort summer house, as a home, a studio, extra sleeping space, event space, pop-up store, show room, function room – everything is possible and in harmony with nature.

LTG Lofts to go focuses on possibilities, on advanced technical solutions, on flexibility and on an irresistibly beautiful design. As a result, the coodo blends into the existing urban architecture of cities and can also be placed in the most beautiful locations in nature – where conventional construction methods are not permitted. The reason: A coodo requires little land, is manufactured entirely in our production facilities, and is then delivered by truck, helicopter or ecological sound transportation. Another advantage: the coodo can be fixed in the ground with foundation screws, thus eliminating the need for conventional foundations and the environmentally damaging the soil.

But that’s not all: completely self-sufficient, i.e. self-sustaining, versions are available from 2022 that can generate their own energy, as well as models that have connections to water, electricity and sewage systems. Depending on the wishes and requirements. Everyone gets the “coodo planet” that suits them, and if it becomes too small, further modules can easily be added.

COODOS… can be anything

coodo is a multi-purpose, flexible product that can be whatever you need it to be. Bigger, smaller? No problem, the modular design makes it possible. That’s what all our coodo models, our planets, have in common – whether sun, moon or earth. The white moon planets from the German production spacefounder have an inner core made of wood with a façade made of an extremely light composite material. This makes the coodo so light that further modules can be added – for example to form the coodo biplane. The wooden models sun (pergola) and earth (integrated terrace) are mainly manufactured in Denmark by Scandi Byg from the renewable building material wood, which is sourced from sustainably managed suppliers. So everyone can find the coodo that suits them. We also have an exclusive coodo model for events and exhibitions: the event coodo, which is glazed on both sides. And if you simply want to get out on the water, choose the water coodo. This is how houseboats work in 2021.

TREDEE … the printing revolution

tredees are rectangular and offer plenty of space on two levels as well as a terrace. The special feature: tredees, like the coodos, can be 3D printed. In this way, two-storey houses are created – as if in fast motion – in just a few hours. 3D printing is the new sustainable, because the printer is brought to the location where a coodo universe, a larger number of coodos or tredees are to be placed. The first project for this is currently planned with Destination Namibia, i.e. we will bring the 3D printer to Namibia, which can print a coodo or tredee every day with locally available, recycled building materials – mass-produced and sustainable. Let the 3D house building revolution rule – with tredee and coodo.

Cubee … we can also do rectangular

The modular and adaptable cubee is inspired by one of nature’s most magnificent creatures: bees. Just as bees build their hive with perfect geometry side by side, we have used the same technique to design our cube boxes in a simple and minimalistic way. This gives the customer the freedom and opportunity to choose a variant that best suits their needs. For example, the extension units can be converted into a master bedroom, office or children’s room. cubee is intelligent living; it is flexible and serves to meet different human needs in a sustainable way.