In coodo anyone can be at home anywhere in the world

A coodo resort, which we call universe, starts with ONE (1!) coodo. It can be a coodo planet “sun”, a “moon” or an “earth”. The coodo universe “private”, a single coodo, can stand in your own garden, can be used privately or be rented out through our booking platform – so everyone can become a hotelier and earn a return on their investment. The coodo universes “friends”, “flow”, “beat”, “rhythm” also work according to this principle. The special feature of the universe “friends”: Only 19 “buyers”, friends, like-minded people have to come together, then there is the twentieth coodo as a friendship gift on top for free. All the exciting information about the coodo universe is just a click away:

More about the universe can be found at coodo.com

coodo universe private*


1 + coodos

coodo universe


19 + 1 coodos

coodo universe flow***


10 – 20 coodos

coodo universe beat****


20 – 50 coodos

coodo universe rhythm*****


50+ coodos


The modular design of the coodos makes it possible to expand the living space, whether you are five, two or alone. Thus, the coodo can grow with the needs of the benefits. A wooden coodo sun, for example, can be 24, 48  or 72 square meters, while the white coodo moon starts at 32 square meters and can be expanded to 96 square meters. So everyone can get their tailor-made coodo, even extended with a super beautiful pergola. You can also get it really big: by doubling the coodos – try our double deckers and add pergolas that you can see the sun wherever it is.

coodo universe

That’s what we call our resorts, consisting of one (1!) or more coodos. The first universes are already being planned, for example in Denmark. That project is connected to a natural golf course and a driving range, an eMobility center, some sauna, wellness, and many attractions around – horseback riding, nature hikes, a swim in the close by Northern Sea and many other great experiences, for example an eMofa tour thru the beautiful nature around. There will be a clubhouse and a restaurant, a wellness and relax area, several cafés and bars and meeting areas, a deck for outdoor beergarden and lovely food. Initially, around 100 Danish-made coodos will be set up there to offer guests exceptional accommodation who want to experience the innovative kind of new tourism.


The coodo is beautiful from the outside. But it’s beautiful on the inside, too. This is ensured by the selected brand partners for kitchens, bathrooms and furnishings, some of whom have equipped the coodo interior with exclusive designs. The great thing is that anyone who buys a coodo gets up to 70 percent discount from our partners. It is deal time on quality products like Schüco, LAUFEN, Bosch, SieMatic and many others.